Accross Borders

Moving within east Africa across borders, Mofra we do all customs clearance at the borders, document processing etc, and deliver the goods to your destinations safely and within the agreed time. Our staff will keep you informed on the movement of your goods/ households up to the point of arrival. Using our many international partners and connections we ensure your things are delivered to you without any delays. Customs regulations applications, we take care of all the documentation required-for across the boarder. Work permit for non Kenyan citizens Baggage declaration form for shipping Bank release for shipping inventory English, valued and detailed showing the number of packages and triplicate. Insurance certificate for shipping Invoices for electrical items and serial numbers shipping Certificate of changes of address.

Customers regulations, client must be present at customs clearance, goods are subject to 100% customs verification, household goods and personal effects are duty free for returning Kenyan citizens provided they have residents outside Kenyan for a minimum of two years and effects are imported within three months of owners arrival. Non Kenyan citizens ( first time arrival) are permitted to import used households goods and personal effects duty free within three months of work permit being issued Kenyan citizens who have not reside for more than two years outside Kenya are not entitled to import used household goods and personal effects duty free Household goods must have been in owners possession for at least one year priors to import.

Duty will be charged at the current rates. Restricted items (Alcoholic beverage) New items ( may require import licensed and are subject to payment of customs duties and taxes) Fabric pieces Trade goods or goods for sale or disposed to other persons Aircraft and vessels of all kinds used machinery all computers whether new or old (except under diplomatic status) or unless imported by a student who is computer studies Prohibited items Weapons, silencers, ammunitions, toy guns and explosives, including tear gas, firearm require a certificate to be issued by Nairobi firearms bureau for import plants, seeds, bulbs, fresh fruit and vegetables ( unless a permit is obtained from the ministry of agriculture stating plants are free from disease) pornographic materials, drugs, political literature, motor vehicles importation highly restricted and time consuming first time arrival to Kenya and returning Kenya citizen residing outside for a minimum of two years are permitted to import one auto duty free provided

  • Auto is more than three months old and has been registered in owners name for more than three months
  • Auto is less than 2,500 cc
  • Auto is not sold within 12 months of import
  • Owners work permit has been approved for first time arrivals to Kenya
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