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As leading movers in Kenya, Mofra Movers is a registered, proffessional moving company in Nairobi Kenya that offers both commercial and residential relocation services and storage services.  We are your trusted team when you’re looking for a local Kenyan moving company.

As Kenyas premier moving comapny we promise to deliver exceptional service to every customer.

We prides ourselves on being a different kind of moving company. We believe that it is the quality of our people which makes us stand apart from the rest.  Mofra Movers Kenya are an exceptionally tight-knit team with decades of service between them, showing their true dedication to the company.  All moving staff embody our core principals of a professional workforce with skill, intellect, and integrity with full understanding of service industry needs.

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Our Moving Services

Office Moving

Office movers and moving services in Kenya, with a proven tract record, caring attitude, professionalism and dedicated customer service, you can trust.
We will plan and organize a smooth relocation that favours your schedule and will not affect the operation and business line up.

House Moving services in Nairobi Kenya

Home Moving

When it comes to home moving or relocating to a new estate or neighborhood in Kenya, We put extra care when handling your belonging, packing service is our value to every move handled, in addition to a caring attitude, professionalism and dedicated customer service

storage and warehousing services in Nairobi Kenya

Storage Services

Enjoy affordable Storage and warehousing services in Nairobi Kenya. We devise customized storage solutions based on our clients unique needs. Our expansive storage facilities are equipped to handle any size of luggage both residents and commercial storage needs.

packing services in nairobi Kenya

Packing Services

Packing and removals services in Kenya, Mofra movers offers a variety of specialized boxes and packing materials to include: boxes, wardrobe boxes, picture pack and plasma/flat screen TV boxes and more.

Cross border relocation services

Cross-Border Relocation

Moving within east Africa across borders, Mofra we do all customs clearance at the borders, document processing etc, and deliver the goods to your destinations safely and within the agreed time.

Courier Services in Nairobi Kenya

Courier Services

Courier services in Kenya,if you need to send a parcel, valuable goods to any destination in Kenya? well worry no more, you can trust Mofra Movers to deliver your parcels and any goods to any destination in the country

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Why Choose Mofra As Your Moving Company in Nairobi


We shall give you a free home or office survey before a quote. Our team will then assist you in packing and loading. We shall also offload once you are in the new location.


We put extra care when handling your belonging, packing service is our value to every move handled , in addition to a caring attitude…


Always on time, our own modern fleet of vehicles offers you the perfect solution for all your needs , from small express van to a full truck load, anywhere in our serving areas..

Our Core Values

  • Integrity

    Our staff will carry out all their duties with utmost integrity to safe guard your interest as our client.

  • Professionalism

    Our staff are highly trained to ensure that they carry themselves professionally while serving you.

  • Reliability

    You can count on us all the time any time to get the job done.

  • Outstanding Service

    We aspire to give you more than just service. OUR is outstanding service,one that leaves a lasting impression.

How to Choose the best Movers in Kenya

Regardless of where you live right now or where you’re planning to move, it’s safe to assume that there are a lot of local moving companies in Nairobi Kenya.  The number of options available to you can be convenient in choosing which to hire, but on the other side of the coin, it can also be very overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re hiring a moving company for the first time. Usually, you won’t have any idea of how and where you’re going to start your search.

The list of moving of moving companies in Nairobi Kenya is endless: Cube Movers, Nellion Movers, Alpha Movers Kenya, Keja Movers, Ahadi Movers, Taylor Movers Kenya, Capital Movers, just to mention a few. The same is the case for movers in Thika, Movers in Nakuru, Movers in Mombasa, Movers in Kisumu and all the major towns in Kenya.

Hiring a moving company in Nairobi which offers moving services isn’t an easy task. You’re probably doing this because you want to improve your moving experience, but since you’re a paying customer, you need to be careful with your decisions. If you want to make the most out of the local Nairobi moving companies you’ll hire, pay attention to the following tips:

1.    Get recommendations.

Hiring a local moving company is like swimming in a wide ocean – you won’t have any direction in finding the best local moving company in Kenya for your needs. To make things easier for you, ask recommendations from friends and family. If they were able to hire local moving companies in the past, ask who should you hire and stay away from. Since your own social circle has first-hand experiences with these moving companies, you’ll have a better idea of how they work and what to expect.

2.    Do initial screening.

Once your family and friends give you their recommendations, you might already have a list of qualified local moving companies. List all of these companies, get their contact numbers and reach out to them. Inquire about their moving services and cost, and most importantly, their customer service, as well. As much as possible, you should compare at least three options. Screening different movers in Nairobi Kenya will give you an idea of the standard costs of services and which one is actually suitable to your budget.

3.    Carefully review the estimate.

Talking with a representative from a moving services provider who offers cheap rates and competitive services can be enticing. When you hear this kind of offer, you might immediately say “yes” and hire them. Although it can be tempting to jump to a decision, don’t do it. Aside from the services and cost, ask about the estimates of your move. Make sure that the local moving company is transparent with the fees they’ll going to charge you. While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask about the factors which can affect these fees. When you’re informed regarding this matter, you’ll increase the chances of paying cheaper rates.

4.    Ask about the insurance and license of the movers.

Because of the advent of technology, more and more individuals are posing as businesses in order to scam people. Instead of proving services (which they promised to customers), this kind of businesses will only take your money and disappear. If you don’t want to fall victims to these businesses, always ask about the insurance and license of the movers. These documents can serve as your assurance that the moving company you’re eyeing to hire is trained and skilled to do the job. An insurance and license also means that the state allows them to work as movers.

5.    Require a written contract.

Depending on where you’re going to move and how many valuables you’ll bring, hiring a local moving company can be expensive. Hiring one will also require time and effort especially when you’re choosing which to hire. To ensure that all of your investment will not go to waste, only hire a local moving company which offers a written contract. This document can detail the responsibilities of the parties involved in a move. Additionally, a written contract can speak a lot about the reputability and legitimacy of the local moving company.

If you are planning to move, now or in the future, you might find yourself wondering “Should I hire a moving company or move by myself?”  When deciding on between a DYI Move or using professional movers in Kenya, take the following instances into consideration:


Several indisputable facts show that hiring the services of a highly experienced professional moving company is your most beneficial option when moving across country:


Professional movers are trained to use the most appropriate and efficient moving techniques to ensure that your household items are properly packed, shipped safely and promptly delivered to your new home intact and unbroken.  The use of appropriate wrapping and padding prevents items from shifting inside the boxes during transport, careful maneuvering through narrow corridors and steep staircases, proper loading of items, securing all items in the moving truck and competent driving skills will account for the safety of your household items.


Professional moving crews will work with great speed and agility to pack and load your household items, maximizing the capacity of the moving containers and the moving truck. Both time and space will be saved when utilizing the skill and experience of your hired movers.


Professional movers know their stuff!! They know how to properly handle heavy and bulky items, odd-shaped furniture and sensitive electronics, so all your belongings are efficiently and safely transferred to the moving truck and then into your new home. Additionally, movers know the shortest and safest to the final move destination, and are very familiar with the peculiarities of the local area which allows them to avoid any traffic or parking problems.

So, why should you hire a professional moving company? Because experience matters and results in safety, speed, reliability, efficiency and peace of mind.

Proper Equipment

Another factor that guarantees a successful outcome of your move when you take advantage of the services of a professional moving company is the advanced equipment used in the relocation process:

Proper Packing Supplies

Professional moving companies will use only brand new moving boxes, bubble wrap, anti-static peanuts, etc. which provide maximum protection fragile and expensive belongings. This option may be more expensive than using old towels and newspaper, but the unbroken and/or undamaged condition of your possessions is definitely worth it.

Proper Moving Vehicle

When you hire a professional moving company, they will send the right type and size moving vehicle (or vehicles) to accommodate your household items.  With a DYI move you spend time researching what size of moving truck you need to rent, and only to find out it’s not what your needed, and then lose hours trying to fit your couch in the back of your friend’s pick-up truck.

Specialty Equipment

Truck rental facilities will rent a dolly for your move or you can buy the tools required for dismantling  and reassembling your furniture, but you will have to determine what you need and to supply it. However, professional movers, will be equipped with the full range of tools and equipment; from moving pads and furniture blankets to dollies and palate jacks. Adequate equipment saves time and efforts and helps prevent damages.

Time and Convenience

Gaining some extra time and avoiding most of the stress and hassles typically associated with the moving process are by far the most important reasons to hire a professional moving company:

The movers will take care of all the heavy lifting and moving tasks on moving day, giving you enough time to address other important issues which decreases the risks of injury to you, as well as accidents and/or property damage.

Professional moving companies provide a variety of extra services as well to facilitate your move – such as packing and unpacking, disassembling and reassembling of furniture, appliance servicing, shuttle services, split pick-up and delivery, temporary storage, etc. making your move quicker and easier, more convenient and less stressful.

By using a professional moving company, you will know the final moving cost beforehand; request a binding written estimate when hiring a moving company and you will not be surprised by forgotten or hidden moving expenses. The estimate will include all the charges – materials, labor, transportation, extra fees, etc.


By hiring a professional moving service, your personal belongings are insured. The moving company will be held accountable for your move and liable for any damage that may occur during the moving process.  Professional movers will do their best to ensure that all your household items arrive at your doorstep safely, timely and in good condition. Ask your mover what kind of liability insurance they offer, or you can even purchase additional insurance for a modest fee.

Flexible Storage Options

Maybe you are building a new home and is not ready yet, or you are moving into temporary housing for a couple of months, maybe you are downsizing and don’t have enough space for all your household items, your moving company can provide a beneficial temporary solution. Have your items kept safe in appropriate storage facilities with overnight, short-term or long-term storage options. This service is provided at an additional charge, but may prove to be a convenient solution and guarantees you peace of mind.

The cost of hiring a professional moving company is what usually makes people hesitate to use professional services.  However, when you calculate the expenses of a DYI move such as packing supplies, truck rental, fuel, tolls, vehicle insurance, snacks and drinks for all your friends who come to help you, etc. When comparing a DYI move to a move utilizing a professional moving company, the price for hiring professionals may very likely turn out to be roughly the same.

Last but not least, besides all the advantages mentioned above, hiring a professional moving company relieves stress and ensures you peace of mind. You cannot put a price tag to that!

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